SUKIYAKI GYOZA Nabe Japanese Cast Iron Hot Pot Nanbu Tekki 24cm w/Lid Gas IH ok

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(Size)   : Inner diameter: Φ24 cm / 9.44 inch


(Material) :  Cast iron

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Nanbu cast iron

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

"Sukiyaki pot" made in Japan (Iwate prefecture) Nanbu cast iron. Not only for gas stoves, but also for IH.
It comes with a handle, so it's easy to hold, and it comes with a "wooden lid" that creates quaint dining table.
Since it is made of Nanbu Nanbu cast iron, which has high heat storage, cooking time can be shortened and residual heat cooking is possible.
Also you can replenish iron with meals, so it is especially recommended for people with anemia and pregnant women.
Although it is a small amount, iron is eluted in the form of divalent iron, which has a good absorption rate.
In addition to hot pot pots and sukiyaki, it can be widely used for grilled and simmered dishes.



500.00 Grams

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