Hina doll ningyo




Hina Matsuri on March 3
Hina doll is a lucky doll for the healthy growth of a girl and praying for eternity happiness.


We decorate the house,and the family gathers and eats a feast which is a very special event for children.
It will be a great Hina festival if we prepare and add it to our daily lives.


For children’s present
For a display in a shop
For a seasonal interior


Compact and easy to display

Little Hina dolls are compact, and also the display stand and the folding screen are compact too.

You can display in the living room, hallway or even small spaces like on the chest.

As an interior to decorate the room cute

Cute and simple dolls to suit the modern lifestyle.

You can feel Japanese tradition by decorating as an interior and it will add a nice and colorful touch to the room.


Hina Doll Histry

The name “Hina Doll” was born in the Edo period, and there was a “Hiina” play in the Heian period.
“Hiina” is an old word with a small and cute meaning. In aristocratic society a pair of small paper dolls were used to play, and this was called “hiina”.
It was thought to be a festival that welcomes God, wishes for the growth of girls, and exorcise disaster.
The word “Hinamatsuri” was born in the middle of Edo, and the dolls and furniture have been increasing due to the popularity of “Hinamatsuri”.
Hinamatsuri was not related to the birth of girls at first, but it became an event to celebrate the girls' first birthday from the middle of Edo,
bring Hina doll when get married and for the first occasion after marriage a custom of performing Hinamatsuri was originated.
This Hinamatsuri event is a doll-playing event unique to Japan, and it has become a national event spread throughout the country since the Meiji period.