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Mino-yaki is a wide variety of pottery produced in Higashi Mino region of Gifu prefecture.Production of tableware accounts for 60% of the market share nationwide. Mino ware is the most popular pottery in Japan.

The history of Mino ware is old and it dates back more than 1300 years ago.
At first, the technology of Sueki was passed from the Korean Peninsula.
In the Heian period (the 10th century), a gray glaze which is said to be white rain was given Pottery began to be baked.
This whiteware improves Sueki and uses glaze.
The number of kilns has also been increased this time, and it has become full-fledged pottery production site.

From the Azuchi Momoyama period to the beginning of the Edo period, pottery reflecting the preference of tea ceremony was produced along with the fad of the tea ceremony.

Demand for luxury goods increased in the early Showa period, and technological improvements were made remarkably along with increasing mechanical mechanization.

Mino ware that has won over several recessions now accounts for the largest production in Japan.