About Us

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 Maneki neko Ai Shop History  

 We are a select shop that deal in Japanese traditional products.
 We started selling carefully selected Japanese products to all over the world through online shop since 2010. 

We bigan from the idea that "we would like to deliver items that would be delighted to people who love Japanese traditional products all over the world”.

The store owner, Ai used to work for a British manufacturing company.
Many engineers repeated ingenuity to develop their own items and put them out to the world over the years there.

And he learned that they respect Japanese craftsmen and the depth of traditional culture 

Ai grew up in a historic city near Kyoto and Nara since childhood.
She found the high value of the culture that he was touching as usual.

And Ai often went to the craft market with family who likes Japanese traditional  handcraft from a young age, so nature and knowledge grew up. 

Well designed Maneki neko Kutani yaki porcelain , the refreshing Kyoto Chimen crape and Yuzen pattern, the handy and cute Hina doll where the world is there.
The japanese tea ceremony tool are studded with the careness of people who have been involved in traditional crafts.

My friend in Europe was very pleased when I sent Maneki neko and Japanese tableware I got in Japan.


And Ai found it out.
There are people all over the world who love Japan and want to know more about Japan's beautiful crafts. 

We want you not to just look in pictures, but also look directly, touch and feel Japan's culture.
We would like to be a bridge that connects customers and artists who make the items.

We will do my best to announce the attractiveness of the item. 

It is suitable for daily use, and I have various products which can be used as gifts for your friends. 
Please feel free to consult me when you may think it difficult to find such kind of products, or wonder which product is better for the celebration. 

Our most favourite work is building up long-term relationships with manufacturers, artists and customers.
It's always my pleasure to help you enrich your quality of life.


We are willing to do as much as we can so you can enjoy your shopping.






About business hours


 *You can always order 24/7 on online.

 *Business hours of the office 0900-1800 (except for Sunday)

 *Please contact by message. Support team can provide a support English ・Japanese.

 *We are composed by staff members from Japan and overseas. They understand Japanese products very well and have a profound knowledge of the traditional crafts items and Japanese items. 

*For example, for the case of a plate, we have a knowledge of technical side which is the information of the potter,
history of the artist and it was created by using what sort of techniques. We will be able to make a suggestion and give you an advice and enable to match your purpose based on a good stock of knowledge.

*What all staff members have in common is that they would like you to know how it will be enjoyable by purchasing our item.