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(About Shigaraki)

Among the Kilns of the Kamakura period, Shigaraki Ware is considered to be the oldest pottery among the Kilns
of the Kamakura Period and continued to be one of the Largest in producing kilns.

The Best Quality of the Shiragaki Ware is the Texture of it's Kilns. It is said to be made with a Powerful
Natural Resources that bring it's Great Texture and Appearance.

Shigaraki Ware's produced unique characteristics consists of their Skills in Pottery.There are minimal ceramics
painting but has a varieties of Ceramic glaze and Technology of Large Dry Molding.

"One kiln, two soil, three workmanship" is said to be Fire color gradation caused by the flame.Shigaraki ware is known for the
special quality of its clay. By firing in anagama or noborigama wood-firing kilns, effects such as warm, reddish hiiro flashing,
deep green natural ash biidoro, or burnt black koge can be achieved.That makes the Shiragaki Ware's Appearance beautiful.

It's simple taste and warmth have been loved by people beyond time.

Continuing the Tradition of making Pottery using a Special Clay and producing Pottery that Matches
in this Generation.I want to Introduced Shiragaki Wares unique products.