Gift Wrapping

Free Japanese gift wrapping

We will provide free gift wrapping service. 

Wrapping is the Japanese style.

In Japan, a gift culture is sensitively developing.

They only use the best wrapping and change their way depending on who will receive so they are paying attention in detail.

 Of course, this shop would offer a very Japanese-like wrapping for free of charge.

They use Japanese wrapping paper to wrap it and use a Japanese pattern sticker or Mizuhiki, ribbon.

(Mizuhiki means to connect person to person)

The traditional japanese color wrapping paper can produce a gorgeous gift.

Please use this service if you have events like birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and so on for daily celebration as well as the twists and turns of life like baby shower, marriage.

If you have a specific desire, please let us know. We will try to wrap in your way to meet your request.


We have several wrapping papers.

For red and pink, they are good for Mother's Day or in return for Valentines

For blue, it is suitable for your father or boyfriend with your lovely heart. It can upgrade your gift with the chic color .

For light blue, it is good for baby shower or moving event such as new life.

Please choose gift wrapping if you want when you make a purchase and fill out your desire on the last screen of the order.


Also, Furoshiki can be used for wrapping for the additional $20.


Free gift message service

If you purchase a greeting card ($1), we can add a message in English or Japanese for free of charge.


‘You can simply add a message in a comment box when an order is completed. 

*Message characters limit: 15 on a card.’

If you want to request a message in Japanese, a Japanese team member will write it in hand. Both of them will be written by a member who has a license of Japanese calligraphy.

It may not be an accurate translation but they would do to the best of their ability to make sure your message express its essence.

It will stand out your present very well.