Hina Doll Ningyo Kyoto Chirimen Crape Japanese Doll Girls Tsurushi Kazari Japan

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(Size)   : Width 30 x Depth 26 x Height 37 cm / 11.81 x 10.23 x 14.56 inch  
               Parasol : Diameter 16 cm / 6.29 inch 
               Folding screen : Height  12 cm / 4.72 inch
               Lamp(Bonbori) : Height 8 cm / 3.14 inch
               Doll : Width 6 x Depth 5 x Height 5 cm / 2.36 x 1.96 x 1.96 inch 

(Weight) : 500g

(Material) : Rayon Chirimen(Crape), Wood, Paper

(Origin) : Made in Japan  /  Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new

Emperor(Odairi-sama), Empress(Ohina-sama), Lamp(Bonbori), Cherry Blossoms, Orange, Hishi mochi(Rice cake), Folding screen, Rug

(Note) : 

It is a gorgeous hanging doll with a cute doll that is surrounded by Lamp(Bonbori), cherry blossoms, orange(Tachibana), and Hishi mochi(Rice cake), a screen on the back, and a hanging ring decoration from the top. The compact size makes it easy to decorate and store. Feel free to enjoy it as a seasonal interior.

Hina Matsuri on March 3 
Hina doll is a lucky doll for the healthy growth of a girl and praying for eternity happiness.



500.00 Grams

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