How to care for Kyusu





After Use

After you used it, please get rid of tea leaf right away and you may wash it lightly.

Kyusu is cleaning is basically enough with water washing.

Please make sure to dry it completely.


How to wash

When you wash Kyusu, you should not use detergent.

It is because Kyusu easily gets scents and smells so if you use detergent, it will get the smell of the detergent.

If you mind tea incrustation, you can boil it with some baking soda or bleaching agent which may be helpful.

If you may care about the smell of bleach.

In this case, I recommend you put green tea with hot water.

Put 5 g green tea leaf and pour hot water and hold it for 5 mins and then take it out.

I recommend you bleach it once a month.


How to Net cleaning

If you want to keep using Kyusu for a long time, you should handle a net gently.

Keeping a net clean is a key to enjoy it easily.

You can use cotton swab and toothbrush for fine parts.


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