Sake Glass cup set Nihon-shu Sakazuki Guinomi Ochoko Made  in Japan set of 5

Sake Glass cup set Nihon-shu Sakazuki Guinomi Ochoko Made in Japan set of 5

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500.00 Grams
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(Size)   : From the left (image) 
              Diameter 5.5 x Height 11.8 x Maximum diameter 7.2 cm / 2.16 x 4.64 x 2.83  inch 
              Diameter 3.8 x Height 11.5 x Maximum diameter 5 cm / 1.49 x 4.52 x 1.96  inch 
              Diameter 8 x Height 6.5 x Maximum diameter 8 cm / 3.14 x 2.55 x 3.14  inch 
              Diameter 4.5 x Height 8 x Maximum diameter 5.3 cm / 1.77 x 3.14 x 2.08  inch 
              Diameter 5.1 x Height 4.8 x Maximum diameter 6 cm / 2 x 1.88 x 2.36  inch 

(Capacity):From the left (image) 

(Material) :  Soda glass

(Origin) : Made in Japan 

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

This is a "glass set" where you can select and enjoy a glass depending on the type of alcohol, the drinking scene, and your mood.
Five kinds of glasses deliver relaxing time to spend with alcohol.

With wooden box




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