Japanese Sake cup Guinomi Ochoko Hagi yaki ware Himetsuchi made in japan

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(Size):  Diameter : about 5.5cm       2.17 inch/        Height : 5 cm      1.97 inch

(Capacity):70 ml

(Material): Pottery

(Origin): Made in japan / Hagi yaki ware

(Condition): A brand new


Folded Box Included

About Hagi Yaki Ware

Hagi ware is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally from the town of Hagi, Yamaguchi, in the former Nagato Province.The beauty of Hagi ware is appreciated not only for its earthy colors but also the glaze. The translucent beige glaze is to draw out the natural, deep colors of the clay.

The charms of Hagi ware's rough clay and rich, pockmarked surfaces, laced with cracks in the glaze, take on character and deeper tones with age and use. Its blushing, soft reddish and creamy white glazes, displaying the voluptuous warmth of living flesh, are often described in feminine terms. 

How to Care Hagi Yaki Ware

Before each use, let the ceramics sit and absorb plenty of water for about 30 minutes. This prevents the tea from soaking into the ceramics and causing tea-stains.

Unlike the glazed type of ceramics, Hagiyaki is rough in nature and may leak in the early stages of use. With repeated usage, the seeping of tea incrustations will eventually seal it and the leaking will stop. If leaking continues, dry the ceramics well, mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch into 500cc of water, boil and pour into the ceramics. Let sit for 6 hours and leaking will stop.

Do not use in microwave ovens. The glaze may become discolored or the ceramics may break at extreme high temperatures.


This product shipping cost 500g.

500.00 Grams

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