Guinomi Sake cup Ochoko The Reflection of Mt. Fuji Takaoka Tin ware Craft Japan

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(Size)  : 7.8 x 6.8 x 4.8 cm  /   Diameter :  3.07 x 2.67 x   1.88 inch
(Material) :  Tin

(Origin) : Made in Japan /  Takaoka
(Condition) : A brand new
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(Note) : You can enjoy luxurious taste while staying at home. Tin's vessel is highly recommended for those who like alcohol.
As expensive materials like gold and silver, tin has been loved by nobles from 1300 years ago.
It prevents oxidation of liquor by the effect of high ion, makes it a refined and tasty flavor.In addition, tin has the effect of purifying water to remove impurities.
Due to its high thermal conductivity, you can enjoy hot drinks and keep them warm and cold drinks more colder. It is also ideal for beer and sake rocks.

〜 Care instructions〜
It is a soft metal. Please avoid scratches when washed with other dishes.
Please note that discoloration may occur if you leave drinks such as juice in it.
When it gets dirty, wipe it up with a soft cloth and the gloss returns.
Dishwasher , Microwave , Oven not useable. Can not be stored in a freezer.


Takaoka traditional crafts
400 years old foundry town. Takaoka's skilled craftsmen manufacture it one by one carefully by old fashioned manufacturing method.
Overseas, it was introduced through the 1862 London World Exposition and the 1867 Paris World Exposition, and art copper ware has established a firm position as an export product.

500.00 Grams

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