YUNOMI Japanese tea cup ARITA porcelain yaki SHIN-EMON AIZEN SUITEKI w/box Small

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Size :

 (Small) / about Ф2.6 × H3.1inch

Production: Shinemon-kiln

Material : porcelain

Weight :

Small / about 140g

--About Arita--

The porcelain is the generic name of porcelain that has been burned around Saga Prefecture Arita.
Hard and tough, in white porcelain with a sense of transparency, it is characterized by bright colors such as indigo blue and red, yellow and gold is applied delicate. The beginning of the Edo period, some Korean potters in the opportunity that found the porcelain of the raw material "porcelain stone" in Arita, now for the first time as the firing of porcelain is carried out in the country. Porcelain of Arita is the second half of the 18th century from the late 17th century, the country is now many shipment also to well overseas was mainly Europe.
Since there is no sea in Arita, order-made pottery is cargo from Imari Port is the closest harbor has been made in Arita, it is called the "porcelain" but "Imari", as its name known I will like to.

500.00 Grams

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