Tetsubin Chagama Takaoka Japanese Iron Tea Kettle Pot Kayou Lotus leaf Motif

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(Size)   : Diameter 14.8 x Height 20 cm / Diameter 5.82 x Height 7.87 inch

(Capacity) : 1.3 L

(Weight):1.6 kg

(Material) :  Iron Kettle : Iron / Lid : Copper

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Takaoka crafts

(Artist) : 般若勘渓 (Hannya Kankei) 

(Condition) : Brand new

With Kiri box, Spare cloth, Turmeric dyed cloth

 (Note) :

Takaoka traditional crafts
400 years old foundry town. Takaoka's skilled craftsmen manufacture it one by one carefully by old fashioned manufacturing method.
Overseas, it was introduced through the 1862 London World Exposition and the 1867 Paris World Exposition, and art copper ware has established a firm position as an export product.


Hannya casting 
Hannya casting was founded in 1870 in Takaoka, a manufacturing town.
Since our founding, we have been manufacturing, repairing tea utensils, other copper ware and ironware.
We are constantly challenging to create works that make use of the hardness and softness lurking in iron.


 Hannya casting master

The artists of this workshop who are active as regular members of the Japan Kōgei Association and traditional craftsmen.
We continue to challenge new things every day while protecting tradition.


 - 般若勘渓 - (Hannya Kankei) Member of Japan Kogei Association

He continue to researching the old era, and he has produce many replicas. At the request of the Imperial Household Agency produce replicas of articles offer for the Shosoin.
He is good at working processing with a potter's wheel and casting sahari(copper and tin alloys).
In 1911, Takaoka casting began with Invited 7 casting craftsmen from the Hannya area (west of Toyama Prefecture) when Toshinaga Maeda of Kaga feud ruled Takaoka. The Hannya family is a descendant of that craftsman.
Kankei has earned a high reputation for further refining the techniques inherited from his ancestors, keep trying for continuing to make that matches today's lifestyle, and receiving numerous awards etc at exhibitions.


How to care
* When using a new iron kettle, be sure to boil hot water medium heat and throw away boiling water. Repeat that 2-3 times for remove iron odor.
(Hot water will be better taste after the 3rd time)
* After using iron kettle, empty iron kettle, such as transferring all hot water to the pot.
* Do not leave hot water after use. (This may cause rust)
* Transferring hot water with another container or put iron kettle on a stove etc. (Please be careful about heating an empty iron kettle)
* Use on medium to low heat when using IH or gas.
*Dry iron kettle firmly. Then remove the lid and dry the inside of iron kettle firmly.
* Wipe the copper lid dry after use.
If water drops remain, white marks may remain.
* When keeping iron kettle, rust may come out in a humid environment.


・ If you are worried about the smell even you boil the water several times at the beginning of use and throw it away, it is more effective to put the used tea bag and boil the water.
・A iron kettle will become more gloss and texture better if you use them daily.
However, if you do not dry it after each use, it may cause damage such as rust.
・ Dry iron kettle after use
In the case of charcoal fire, dry with embers. Still, it may become damage iron kettle too much heating an empty iron kettle.
There is no failure in drying with a hair dryer. Insert the mouth of the hair dryer into iron kettle where the hot water has discarded, and dry it with warm air.

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