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The Noren is originally used for the entrance of the house for the light removal.

Currently I think that it is often seen at the entrance of the shop as a restaurant goodwill, but it is used as a partition, even in everyday life.
It is also a feature of goodwill that you can easily change the atmosphere of the room by hiding the back of the house from the entrance at the time of visiting,using the goods as a partition of the room and blindfold.
As a used scene gift Birthday / marriage / Father's Day / Mother's Day / Senior Citizen's Day /

/ Graduation / Admission / Opening / Gifts / Gifts / Valentine's Day / White Day / Christmas

As an interior
Partition / Image Up / Japanese Style / Japanese Pattern / New Life / Alone Living
Single Room / Living / New Construction / Moving / Interior

-Noren history-

Noren are short cloth curtains hung on the entrances to Japanese shops. Beginning with the scraps of cloth on hanging screens used in Zen temples to ward off cold, merchant houses since the Edo Period(1603-1867) have put their names on noren and used them in business. The word "noren," is also used to signify good will and credit of a shop  as its symbol.