Niigata Noren Japanese Cotton Linen door curtain Circle Maru Light and Shade Ai

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(Size) : Width 84 x Length 120 cm / 33.07 x 47.24 inch

(Material) : 100% Linen (Ramie)

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Niigata

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

It is a bold and modern design that craftsmen hand-dyed round patterns in two color schemes. You can use it regardless of Japanese or Western style.

About Linen (Ibira-ori)
An Ibira weave fabric that combines the unique sheerness of linen with a supple texture. All of our Noren fabrics are hand brush dyeing with a brush. Sticking to traditional Japanese colors, everything from dyeing to steaming and washing is done in the same process as kimono.

Advantages of Linen Noren Ibira-ori
It has little peculiarity and can be used in a wide range of situations.
It has just the right amount of sheerness, so it can be used as a light blindfold or at the entrance.
We handle with wide fabrics up to 140 cm in width, and is recommended for uses other than Noren, such as curtains.

Disadvantages of Linen Noren Ibira-ori
It is a material that is prone to wrinkles, because it is made of 100% linen

Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture, is a linen weave production area and has a beautiful climate. Our company has been consistently committed to the handwork of craftsmen and traditional techniques, and has been striving for production.
Taking advantage of traditional dyeing and weaving, all products are manufactured in-house, and each product is handmade by craftsmen. Using carefully selected natural materials such as linen, silk, and cotton, we are developing a wide range of products from interior products to fashion.


500.00 Grams

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