New Sake O-toso Otoso Drinking set Elegant Kyo Motif Yamanaka lacquerware Japan

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(Size)   : Otoso Tray 36.7  x  22.6  x  3.0 cm,    Sake Pot 15.0 x 8.5 x 16.7 cm,     Sake cup - Large φ 11.0 cm, Middle  9.0 cm, Small 7.8 cm

(Material) : ABS resin / Urethane coating

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Yamanaka Urushi

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

It is the beginning of Yamanaka Lacquer ware craft that people from the artisan group who moved to around Yamanaka Onsen in search of good materials in the 16th century.
In the middle of the Edo period, in addition to daily necessities such as firewood and trays, lacquerware will be developed along with hot springs, such as making and selling souvenirs for souvenirs at the request of people who came to hot springs.
In the first half of the 19th century, painting techniques and mural painting techniques were incorporated, and the foundation of the present beautiful Yamanaka Takamagi was built.


This products shipping weight 900g.

1,300.00 Grams

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