Maneki Neko Japanese lucky cat Kutani yaki Akamori 3' Red Koban nori from japan

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(Size): Vertical 5.0cm ( 2inch ), Horizontal 5.5cm ( 2.2inch ), Hight 10cm ( 3.9inch )

(Material): polcelain

(Origin): Made in japan / Kutani yaki

(Condition): A brand new

It is a Maneki Neko(Lucky cat) that makes the feeling of Japanese appearance of the large flower pattern drawn decoratively with three-dimensional painting "Mori"(盛) is a work painted by the painting technique called "Mori Technique"/盛技法 which is also a feature of Kutaniyaki's figurine. The Mori(盛) Technique is a painting technique that makes a thick paint up thickly in the same way as squeezing a cream in a decorated cake with a high viscosity paint, and the three-dimensional pattern and texture created by the raised paint is somewhat mysterious beauty I will make it. Please understand that there are some shades of color (unevenness) as it is coloring by handwork.

Maneki Neko is a lucky charm that has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times. Even among Maneki Neko, the inviting cats of Kutani ware are said to be particularly good for money luck and are cherished by many business people and reach today. Having walked through the era and history of Kaga Hyakumangoku/加賀百万石 which boasted of the glory is also said to be one of the factors to be handed down.

500.00 Grams

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