Kyoto Tapestry Wall Hanging Handpainted Linen Round Chrysanthemum Autumn

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(Size) : Approx. 45 x 135 cm / 17.71 x 53.14 inch 

(Material) : 100% Linen

(Origin) :  Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

A hand-dyed linen tapestry that brightly colors the space and creates a modern Japanese interior.
"Marugiku-mon" is a scattered round double chrysanthemum like the sun.
Boldly incorporated it intake the design and made it into a tapestry. Enjoy the special feeling like a lucky charm that will add color to your daily life and make you feel happy that something good will happen.
Marugiku-mon, which is an auspicious pattern, has a high-quality floral pattern, so it can be used not only in autumn but also all year round. Also great as a gift for celebrations.

-Circle and Chrysanthemum-
A circle that has no beginning and no end. It means infinity and is said to represent eternal happiness. The “circle” as a Japanese pattern is called “marumon” and is considered to be an auspicious pattern that also leads to “circle(En) = fate(En)”.
Chrysanthemum, on the other hand, is a flower that was believed to ward off evil spirits and have the effect of longevity. The chrysanthemum as a pattern is called the Kiku-mon, and it has been said that it has the meaning of "prolonging life" and "good health" because of its medicinal properties.
And "Marugiku-mon", which combines "circle" and "chrysanthemum", can be said to be an auspicious pattern that combines two auspicious occasions.

500.00 Grams

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