Kyoto Noren Japanese Hanging Door Curtain Linen 88*150 Chijimi weven Green Japan

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(Size) : Approx. 88 x 150 cm / 34.64 x 59.05 inch 

(Material) : 100% Linen

(Origin) : Made in Japan /    Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

The contact area is small and it does not stick to the skin because the fabric has unevenness, giving it a unique crisp texture.
It goes well with the characteristics of hemp itself, which is excellent in water absorption and moisture absorption.
Noren is made using techniques that have been used for summer kimonos and Yukatas for over 400 years.
The linen warp is dyed black and the weft is dyed in each color and woven. By doing so, it became a color with a beautiful depth with a three-dimensional effect.

The Noren is originally used for the entrance of the house for the light removal.
It is also a feature of Noren that you can easily change the atmosphere of the room by hiding the back of the house from the entrance at the time of visiter, using the goods as a partition of the room and blindfold.
Since the olden days, people say that Norens Curtain are a mystical barrier against evil and can remove the bad vibes from outside that cause illness and other misfortune.


500.00 Grams

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