Kyoto Noren Japanese door curtain Kakishibu dye Enso Handcraft Made in Japan

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 (Size)   :  Approx. 88 x 150 cm / 34.64 x 59.05 inch 

(Material) : 100% Linen

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

Hand-dyed linen Noren that brightens the space and creates a modern Japanese interior.
It is said that the circle written with a single stroke represents that is infinite never lacking, and the fullness of the human heart.
Noren that can be use regardless of the location or season.
Dyed dark brown circle with stencil dyeing, and the Kaki dye is used as a whole.


 It is Noren curtain crafted with craftsmen's  special technique. 

A dyeing technique inherited by traditional craftworkers in Kyoto.

Hand draw, blurred dyeing, squeezing dyeing, using a unique indigo dye, persimmon juice dye.

There are various Techniques for Dyeing Cloth.In this Traditional process that is also very few in Kyoto.
The gradation and overlapping colors are beautiful. 

Also, the color you actually see and the color you can see when you hold it against the light are beautiful as well.

And it’s easy to maintain.

This Japanese Noren Curtain is carefully made by art craftsmen and not mass-produced goods in factories.Artistic Noren Curtain have great presence and can be fashionable as tapestries on the wall.

The Noren is originally used for the entrance of the house for the light removal.

It is also a feature of Noren that you can easily change the atmosphere of the room by hiding the back of the house from the entrance at the time of visiting,using the goods as a partition of the room and blindfold.

* Since the olden days, people say that Norens Curtain are a mystical barrier against evil and can remove the bad vibes from outside that cause illness and other misfortune.


---How to care Noren--

First, soak Noren in the hot water (30-40°C) and wash by rubbing with a neutral detergent. (focusing on the dirty parts)

Next, wring it dry to make it half dry.

Then dry it in the shade and iron(covering with a cloth) out the wrinkles when it gets almost dry.

After that, the condition will be almost the same as a brand new item and you can enjoy better Noren.


500.00 Grams

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