Kyoto Maneki neko Japanese pottery Lucky cat Both Hand Cute Cats gather New

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(Size)   : About Width 11.5 × Depth 9.5 × Height 18.5 cm / Width 4.52 × Depth 3.74 × Height 7.28 inch

(Material) :  Pottery 

(Origin) : Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new


The cat is visible in the darkness of the night, so it is a symbol of keep away from evil and good luck. From there, the cat is considered an auspicious animal.
If the right hand is up, the male cat is in charge of money luck, and the left hand up, the female cat is symbolizes the meaning of calling a person.
The height of the hand that raised also meaningful, and it is said that the beckoning cat that high above the head hand up will call for faraway people and money luck.
"A cat with a white body call money and love luck", "A ship carrying a male cat of a calico is safe", "Prosperous business if a black cat is at the entrance", "When you gettig married, you can be happy if a black cat is crosses", "A cat with a long tail and a bent like a key leads to work luck, career advancement"
There are many legends that lead to good luck.

This product shipping weight 500g.

500.00 Grams

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