Kyoto Furosiki Japanese Wrapping Cloth Pure Silk Uzura Chirimen 45x45 Red Kobai

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(Size)   : Approx. 45 cm / 17.71 inch

(Material) :  100% Silk

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Kyoto

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

Tie the "turning point"
Furoshiki, which has continued to use "polite" and "courtesy" with great care, colors the milestones of life and teaches us to face to fase the fate carefully.
Normally, crepe weaves two right-twisted and two left-twisted yarns alternately in the weft yarn, while "Uzura Chirimen" weaves four yarns each. Therefore, the "texture" (unevenness) is larger than that of normal crepe, and the expression is plump, thick and deep, which enhances the grade.

Red plum
The color name of Kobai has been loved by the nobles of the dynasty who respect the colors of the season, including "The Pillow Book" and "The Tale of Genji". It is a flower that blooms before early spring when snow still remains, and the dignified flower color is  loved as an auspicious color.



500.00 Grams

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