Japanese Igusa rush Tatami relaxing mat single sizefrom japan Kurume

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(Size): about 100cm(39.4inch) x 210cm(82.7inch)

(Material): Outer  rush lining  100% polyester (non-woven) 8mm(0.3inch)

(Origin): Made in japan

(Condition): A brand new


This unit tatami mat that can be used as a mattress. As you can use also laid under the futon, it was according to the size of the futon. Raising the futon, also it can be used as a space to play is simple Japanese-style and children. Natural purification effect of air to rush, and regulatory effects of humidity. For us dampening the humidity under the futon tone. Without next to the mattress is shifted if you use the connection for cotton zipper, you can use.

[notes] Because a natural material, there is a slightly different from the rose with or display size of the shape. The surface of the grass, the sun protection, such as for adjustment of hue, has a "mud-dyed" in dyed soil. Although the human body is a component harmless, among commodity is new so you may want to migration, such as the clothing and remain insufficient dyed soil penetration to rush, and the wipe of always before you use surface Please.


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1,500.00 Grams

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