Furin Japanese Wind Bell Chime Nanbu Cast Iron Toro Lantern shape 19x21cm Big

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(Size) : 19 x 21 cm / 7.48 x 8.26 inch  

(Material) :  Cast iron

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Nanbu Cast Iron

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

The wind chime of Nanbu-tekki has an iron made rustic, but firm presence and a beautiful and deep taste of bronze.
It delivers a cool Japanese atmosphere, not only from the ears, but also from the sight too.
It is a work skilled craftsmens full of passion with traditional techniques that can be only produced on the land where high quality raw materials can be obtained.
The wind chime that carry the tradition that has been handed down are familiar to Japanese people and make you feel the coolness even in the hot summer.
Nanbu cast Iron, characterized by its delicate cast and profound coloration is Morioka's traditional craft that has been created over a long period of history and nature.
It has a long history and has been preserved and raised by generations of southern lords who have a deep knowledge of culture for about 400 years ago.



500.00 Grams

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