Flexible customer service

Japanese crafts is the representative of gift which can give impression.
I can suggest items and services based on occasion.

High quality

Our items are supplied from respected Japanese craft shop in Japan.
We have strong connections with local suppliers and craft shop that have a history of more than 80 years.
We can provide high-quality items to countries in the world because we have long-standing relationships with them, .

Reasonable price

We set the price correct and appropriate.
We can sell at an appropriate price because of the relationship with suppliers.


Translation staffs who are familiar with Japanese crafts will respond to your requests.
We can make the best suggestions for handling methods and maintenance of items that are not sold in our shop by communicating well with customers.




High-volume order / Custom order

Maneki neko Ai is a shop that sells japanese traditional items made in Japan and they are purchased from 80 countries in the world.

Japanese crafts is You will feel so elegant and impressed by its ease of use and quality when you have them. They are the Japanese crafts.
A service for free wrapping of selected works as gifts for important people are also available.

If you take high-volume order into consideration, please feel free to contact me.There are several options for B to B order.
If you are in hurry, if you need mass production, or if you send to multiple recipients, I will take care. Please contact Maneki neko Ai anytime.

For a souvenir for events or special gifts for clients and guests.
We have many experiences at facilities such as hotels, restaurants and general companies so far.
We suggest itsms and services tailored to various circumstances.

How to contact
You can contact me at or you can use inquiry form.

 *School, restaurants, companies, group name and website, email address
 *Items and quantity you need
 *Preferred payment method
 *Ship to country
 *Requested delivery date


  ⋆24 hours operation
       ⋆(We will reply within 24 hours on business days.)