Edo kiriko Japanese Cutting Glass Nemoto Tatsuya Crystal Blue Wiskey Old Large

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( Size ) :  Diameter 7.8 x Height 10.1 cm / 3.07 x 3.97 inch 

( Capacity ) :  340ml

( Material ) :  Crystal glass 

( Origin ) : Made in Japan / Edo Kiriko

( Condition ) : Brand new

With wooden box

(Note) :

The traditional craftwork "Edo Kiriko" designated by the country is a traditional craftwork of Tokyo downtown from the Edo period.
The glass melted at 1350 degrees is finished into a double structure of transparent and colored glass by skillful technique, and the craftsmen of Edo Kiriko who have skillful technique carefully cut (shave) the glass one by one.
By cutting it you can see the inner transparent glass from the surface color glass and the splendid contrast of transparent and colored glass will emerge with traditional patterns and flower Kiriko design.


500.00 Grams

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