Echizen Urushi Japanese Lacquered Soup rice bowl & scoop set of 2 made in japan

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(Size): Horizontal 12.2cm (4.8inch) × 12.2cm (4.8inch) × vertical height 7.4cm (2.9inch)

(Material): base material: resin / paint: urethane

(Origin): Made in japan  /  Echizen lacquered ware

(Condition): A brand new

(Note): Package: Gift Box

<About Echizen lacquer ware>
 Echizen lacquer ware come from one of the
 major lacquerware producing areas in Fukui Prefecture
 which centers around Kawada district of Sabae city.
 Lacquerware shops create wide range of products
 from wooden base works such as wooden bowls,
 chopsticks, four-legged trays to decorated woodcraft
 such as gold-relief lacquerware and sunken gold.
 Most of which are managed with division of labor.
 In lacquerware producing areas,
 wide range of products such as daily use wooden and
 lacquerware products for gifts, lacquerware arts and crafts,
 and table ware for dining-out industries
 used for hotels and restaurants.
 Industrial use table ware (coated ware) comprises about
 80 percent of whole Japanese market.

<Lacquer/Urethane Coating>
 Since the lacquerware product use the natural resin "lacquer",
 they may change their color a few month
 after they are shipped from the shops.
 At first the inlay painting may not be visible but after using
 for a few months it gradually becomes apparent.
 On another note, the shade of the lacquerware
 may also differ according to the seasons,
 the time of the day when the lacquer was coated on the works.
 It is confirmed that the lacquer has some resistance to acid,
 alkaline and sodic substances as well as water repellency,
 and anti-bacterial effect.
 Most of the Echizen crafts for industrial use,
 however, are coated with urethane but its coating
 still have the similar feel of material as lacquer.
 Unlike lacquer, most of the urethane coatings
 do not exert anti-bacterial effect.

This product shipping weight 800g.

800.00 Grams

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