Daidokoro Hitsu Japanese wooden Rice Container Kiso Sawara, Copper Taga Japan

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(Size)   : Approx. φ21 x H 11 cm (Outer size : Approx. φ23 x H 12 cm) / 8.26 x 4.33 inch (Outer size : Approx. φ9.05 x H 4.72 inch)
              Wooden box : Approx. 28.4 x 20.3 x H 24.6 cm / 11.18 x 7.99 x H 9.68 inch 

(Material) : Kiso Sawara, Copper Taga (Matte clear paint only on the outside / No paint on the inside)

(Origin) : Made in Japan 

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

Craftsmen have assembled and finished the well-established sawara materials from the Kiso area using the old-fashioned method.
The role is to transfer the cooked rice in a Ohitsu and store it in a state suitable for eating. An ancient wisdom that brings out the deliciousness of rice even today.
Since the Ohitsu absorbs excess water, you can have a sticky, fluffy rice. It's delicious even when it gets cold, because of Ohitsu. (The inside is unpainted)
A rounded shape that fits well with a table top.
Considering ease of use, the corners of the inner bottom are rounded.
It is a workman's skill.
Sawara has long been used for cooking tools such as Handai and Ohitsu, and is a well-established material for wood products in the kitchen.

It reminds us of the root of the life that an important people life does not change in the life changes with the times along.
It is healthy, friendly and loving. And not only physical health, but also mental health.
In order for the whole family to spend a healthy body and soul, why not experience the "love of effort" that was once again sleeping in the "kitchen"?


500.00 Grams

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