Cherry Handpainted Yunomi Green tea cup Hana Tsudoi Kyo Kiyomizu yaki Japan

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(Size)   : Diameter 7.5 x Height 8 cm / 2.95 x 3.14 inch


(Material) :  Pottery

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Kiyomizu yaki 

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) :

It is a tea cup painting the flowers of the seasons lively. Gently and familiar to hand, produce a relaxing time. It is a tea cup with a very gentle impression that makes use of Kyo-yaki's powder makeup. Spring of Japan, cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Enjoy a cup of tea with a nice tea cup. You can see the color of the tea well because the inside is white. It is so Kyo-yaki technology, the tea cup curve fits comfortable when held in hand. It is a tea cup that will delight in seasonal changes during a relaxing tea time. It is one of the twelve kinds of flower tea cups painting seasonal flowers.

Kiyomizu is one of the traditional crafts that represent Kyoto,originally started in the pottery of Kiyomizu Slope neighborhood toward theKiyomizu-dera.
Pottery and porcelain made in Kyoto is generally known as Kyo-style ceramics,Kiyomizu ware. 
The splendor and refined elegance of Kyo-style-ceramics,Kiyomizu ware is created based on sophisticated design and various proficient skills.
 History of pottery and porcelain in Kyoto started more than 1,200 years ago,in Nara period.

 A Buddhist preist, Gyoki built a kiln and made earthenware in Seikanji.
 Now the ruins of the temple is called "Chawan-zaka". 
 Kyo-style ceramics, Kiyomizu ware products are mostly handmade and the feature of that is in wide variety in small quantity.


500.00 Grams

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