CHAWAN japanese green tea bowl ARITA ware yaki RED kiin SHINEMON made in japan

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Size: diameter 4.6 × height 2.6  inch

Craft :  Shinemon kiln

Origin : Arita yaki ware / Made in japan

Material: Porcelain

Condition : A brand new

(Note) Sinemon kiln is more famous Arita yaki Kiln.


Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is a general term for the ceramics goods which are made in and around the town of Arita, in Saga prefecture, Japan. Arita ware is known for its exquisite white porcelain and elegantly painted designs, which are over glazed with vivid colors such as indigo, red, yellow and gold.

This year is ostensibly the 400th anniversary of Arita-yaki (Arita ware). An Arita city webpage tells us it was in 1616 that a forcibly relocated Korean farmer, Yi Sam-pyeong, discovered the white clay kaolin and then fired Japan’s first porcelain. Other scholars have dated the first firing to 1610, while a humble consensus cites Japan-based successes in the mainland tradition to the decade beginning that year. The 400th year celebration has, in fact, been ongoing in exhibitions since the late 1990s.

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