We have got a lot of new Kyoto Noren.

We have got a lot of new Kyoto Noren.

Published by ​We have got a lot of new Kyoto Noren. on 10th Jul 2021

We have got a lot of new Kyoto Noren.

Many of them have very transparent designs. Many of them are very modern and lightly colored, which are wonderful. Please take a look at the following page.

It is Noren curtain crafted with craftsmen's special technique.

A dyeing technique inherited by traditional craftworkers in Kyoto.

Hand draw, blurred dyeing, squeezing dyeing, using a unique indigo dye, persimmon juice dye.

There are various Techniques for Dyeing Cloth.In this Traditional process that is also very few in Kyoto, we will focused on how to Dyed Cloth(Rouketsu Batik).

The gradation and overlapping colors are beautiful.

Also, the color you actually see and the color you can see when you hold it against the light are beautiful as well.

And it’s easy to maintain.

This Japanese Noren Curtain is carefully made by art craftsmen and not mass-produced goods in factories.Artistic Noren Curtain have great presence and can be fashionable as tapestries on the wall.

The Noren is originally used for the entrance of the house for the light removal.

It is also a feature of Noren that you can easily change the atmosphere of the room by hiding the back of the house from the entrance at the time of visiting,using the goods as a partition of the room and blindfold.

Since the olden days, people say that Norens Curtain are a mystical barrier against evil and can remove the bad vibes from outside that cause illness and other misfortune.

Kyoto Noren Japanese Door Curtain 150x88cm Milkyway Amanogawa Summer Japan

The quaint scenery of Japan changing color even after the sun goes down and shows a different face from the daytime.

The Milky Way floating on a summer night.

A fascinating night was created by craftsmen.


Kyoto Noren Japanese Door Curtain 150x88cm Classic style Green Bamboo Japan

Noren with a design that feels new in the classic nostalgia. The circle and classic patterns that remain symbolically in the Japanese heart are designed to fit into today's life.

The resist dyeing paste is placed on the fabric, and the craftsmen carefully dye it one by one.

Bamboo's never-breaking bending and restoring force means "the vitality to endure and bounce even in predicament," and has been popular with Japanese people as an auspicious thing.

With a tasteful design that looks like a view of bamboo forest from a round window, it is dyed powerfully in cool dark green.


Kyoto Noren Japanese Door Curtain 150x88cm Japanese Indigo Blue Ai Sui Japan

Linen Noren is carefully dyed by Kyoto craftsmen using traditional hand-dyed techniques with indigo dye. With a cool color pattern remind of the movement and flow of refreshing spring water, see through of linen and indigo dyeing creates an even more refreshing.

Kyoto Noren Japanese Door Curtain Edo Rinpa morning glory motif Handcraft Japan

Edo Rinpa was the style that was adding the late Edo era’s new taste to the the early Edo era’s decoration style which was originated in Kyoto. It is more realstic and elegant style than the early Edo era’s style.

Edo Rinpa made a speciality of the elegant’s style of drawing flowers and birds. It have created a unique world which fits to many type of stories and styles. 

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We hope you can imagine Kyoto's mummer in Japan.

Thank you.

Team Manekineko Ai