​Living with Tokoname-yaki

​Living with Tokoname-yaki

Published by ​Living with Tokoname-yaki on 28th Oct 2019

It's getting colder.
We prepared many tea pot this fall for you.
What I definately recommend you is the Kotatsu that Tokoname craftmans produced carefully.


--About TOKONAME yaki--
Tokoname-yaki is the potteries which have been made in Tokoname city, Aichi Prefecture since around 1100 years before.
There are many authors from traditional potteries to up-and coming Artists, As to the characteristics of the Tokoname teapot, it could thoroughly bring out the delicious flavors of tea.
The Mu-yuuyaku fine-grained soil of the teapot absorbs unnecessary matters, so we can enjoy the original taste, color and aroma of the tea. The iron in the soil, which combine with the bitter tannins of the tea, produces the bitterness.
Not only the green tea, also Chinese tea are as delicious for serving.

Why is Tokoname-yaki Kyusu so popular?
The hot water is smooth to touch when you use Tokoname-yaki tea pot.
I tell you this because the chemical reaction occurs by iron oxide and Tea tannins and decrease Bitterness and bitterness in water, which makes it have a smooth taste.

Ceramic Tea Strainer Type


They did much effort to make details and it looks decorative. The material of Tokoname-yaki Kyusu drinking green tea delicious.
Tokoname-yaki tea pot is easy to hold and pouring hot water is very nice as well but the reason why many customers trust it is because of ‘’the sophisticated tea strainer.''
It’s not made of metal but a high-quality ceramic tea strainer that has a lot of small holes.
I believe you'll be surprised how tasty you fee if you use the ceramic tea strainer type Kyusu.

About Obi-ami style


 Obi-ami style stainless tea strainer surrounds a wall in a teapot is characterized by having a wider aspect than any tea strainer. For that reason, tea will come out easily without tea leaves clogging when you put in tea.This teapot is more expensive than stainless steel net removable type.As to a teapot before, there is no problem with this when the tea leaves are rough tea, but if it is fine tea leaves like deep steamed tea, there was a case that the net clogged and tea came out poorly or overflowed from the top.
Therefore, this tea strain was developed at Tokoname-yaki. A band - shaped stainless steel net circles around the inside of the teapot.There is no clogging because all the gaps formed between the teapot and the net become the exit of tea.And, since there is no tea left in the teapot, you can drink delicious tea next time again.
This band tea strainer with the tea strainer will suit any tea, so it will be the type recommended for those who wish to try various teas.You can enjoy even the most tasty last drop of tea.

There are many opinions that once used, it is impossible to use any other teapots that have ever been used.We will provide you with several kinds of Kyusu from easy type stainless mesh strainer to professional type Ceramic tea strainer.

How to Care for Kyusu


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