Edo Kiriko - Cutglass -

Edo Kiriko - Cutglass -

7th Jan 2020

Lots of Edo Kiriko products available.

Not only Sake cup but Beea Tumbler and whiskey glass are so wonderful.
Various designs are prepared!

About Edo Kiriko
The national craft designated 'Edo Kiriko' is a traditional craft from Tokyo's downtown area that has been around since the Edo period.

Finished in a double structure clear glass and colored glass with the skill of the craft, and the craftsman of Edo Kiriko with the skill of the carefully cuts the glass melting at 1350 degrees one by one.
The clear glass inside can be seen from the colored glass on the surface. And the wonderful contrast clear glass and colored glass to surface the traditional design.

-The design of Edo kiriko
The balance of the centroid and its usability are good, and it has the design well-drawn.
Traditional patterns of Edo such as Landscape and animal are drawn as theme on the glass.

-The cut of Edo Kiriko-
The cut of Edo Kiriko is really beautiful.
Also, the beauty of the kiriko pattern may look differently depending on the various angles where you look at it.
When I take it in my hand and look at it from various directions, it shines beautifully like a kaleidoscope.
The contrast between the beauty of cutting of glass and the pattern on the box is matched perfectly and very elegant. You will never gets tired of watching.
Please enjoy from various directions, from the top, from the bottom and diagonally.

Please try to select Kiriko glass as they are not only beautiful but also easy to use and each of them are fun.

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