Big Kyoto Juzu Japanese Buddhist Mala Gyoja Shaku6 Black Onyx Crystal Quartz

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Buddhist sect : Shingon-shu 

Gender : Male 

Juzu Size :   Gyoja   

Ball Size :    Oyadama ( Biggest ball ) :  16 mm / 0.62 inch   
                    Omoama ( Main ball ) : 10 mm / 0.39 inch   
                    Tendama (Smallest ball ) :8 mm / 0.31 inch   

Ball Material  : Oyadama ( Biggest ball ) : Quartz   
                         Omoama ( Main ball ) :  Onyx   
                         Tendama (Smallest ball ) : Quartz   

Tassel :   Color  Black
               Material Silk 

Origin : Made in Japan / Kyoto

Condition : Brand new

Note :  With wooden box

This rosary is for pilgrim used in pilgrimages. Glossy black shines, and it is a wonderful rosary that makes you feel a sense of luxury even in a chic impression. Quartz is said to be a gemstone that for in any situation, anywhere, and in any phenomenon. For the quartz, specify even the polishing powder and used a ball that has been polished as much as possible. Among them, the intact ones are carefully selected and finished.
The tassel  uses beautiful and supple Kyoto-made Bontenfusa, which has the image of a water lilly. With the tag of the Kyoto Rosary Manufacturing Cooperative, which only the traditional "Kyo-nenju" is allowed to attach. It is a gem made by the master craftsman of Kyo-nenju.


500.00 Grams

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