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As a "Kutani Japan", Kutani ware has been named from around the world.
The history and traditional techniques of about 360 years have been inherited also in modern times and continue to be loved by many people. Traditional crafts in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, boasting a distinctive style centered on luxurious splendid color painting decoration.Vividly daily life is colored.

The charm of Kutani ware draw is based on five colors (red · green · yellow · purple · iron blue). It is in a heavy feeling born with its own color overlapping. The work is made up by applying an elegant color painting decoration to a powerful body unique to the northern region.You will surely enjoy the smooth texture of Japanese paint that you feel when you take it in your hands. Traditional craftwork "Kutani ware" which breathes deeply into life while releasing its own personality. Please patronize us forever.