Arita yaki ware Sake cup Gyokuro cup Sencha Guinomi Shinemon Kiln set of 16

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(Size)   : Diameter 5.7 x Height 3.5 cm / 2.24 x 1.37 inch                                   

(Capacity) : 30ml

(Material) :  Porcelain

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Arita yaki 

(Condition) : Brand new

With wooden box

(Note) : 

Oil Drop Tenmoku (Silver)
An oil drop is a group of spots that shine in gold or silver, like a drop of oil dripping on the surface of the water. Baba Shinemon (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition writer) is a self-confident work that reminds us of the black of the shining universe.

The glaze inherited from the first Shinemon, a glaze reminiscent of a ball where you can enjoy various rich landscape changes, and the gentle colors heal your heart.

Celadon, which is said to have been prized by Yoshimasa Ashikaga, is one of the most favorite glazes of the second generation Shinemon, and is a clear blue celadon made in search of the reproduction of balls.

Lapis lazuli water drops
It is a deep blue color, and the blue produced by the mystery of nature, the kiln change, is the color of the mature sea that purifies the mind and polishes the beautiful dignity.

It is a beautiful red color that is developed by reducing and firing the copper contained in the glaze, very difficult glaze whose color changes slightly depending on the condition of the glaze, the strength of the fire, the condition of the kiln, etc. It is a glaze with a deep taste that is the main color of Baba Shinemon (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition artist).

Golden flower crest
It is a crystal glaze that develops a bright yellow color, sometimes like a small ball, sometimes like a large petal, and it is a glaze that produces beautiful crystals.

Indigo dyed water drops
Baba Shinemon (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition writer) boasts a glaze with a beautiful chain of crystals that shines when immersed in water, and is a gem-like item reminiscent of various landscapes.

Cherry blossom crest
It is a glaze pattern remind of the beautifully blooming cherry blossom petals while the light shines in the bluish-purple sky, and it is a work that enhances emotions as much as possible.

Jun ware
Jun ware is a glaze that is named after the pottery that was firing in China during the Southern Song Dynasty, and is a glaze that calms the mind in a wide variety of ways, from green to purplish red.

Maritime Silk Road
The clear celadon made to reproduce the ball is used to express the Maritime Silk Road.

Silk Road
It is a modern item that expresses the horizon of the desert on the Silk Road by different glaze by the main color cinnabar of Baba Shinemon (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition artist) on the white porcelain.

This glaze was created with the image of a cloud that dyed the sky red.

Tenryu-ji Celadon
Tenryu-ji Celadon is a glaze with a unique atmosphere that maximizes the profound feeling and richness, and it is a self-confident work of the second generation Shinemon, who has a high degree of difficulty.

The original oil drop Tenmoku of the second generation Shinemon, a work remind of the stars in the night sky, the fantastic and mysterious of the second generation Shinemon, which required many years of research to produce its color tone. It is a work of self-confidence.

Arita ware with 400 years history as a pottery production center.
Arita is located in the western part of Saga Prefecture, it is famous for the first porcelain production in Japan.
Arita ware is a traditional craft that representing Japan.

500.00 Grams

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