Arita yaki porcelain Japanese small plate Teshio-zara Somenishiki Landscape

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(Size)   : 10.4 x 8.7 x Height 2 cm / 4.09 x 3.42 x 0.78 inch   

(Material) :  Porcelain

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Arita yaki 

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) : 

The origin of Teshio-zara dates back to the Edo period, and it was used as a seasoning container for feudal lords, samurai families, and large merchants and poured shapes, patterns, and production techniques into this microcosm with rich expression methods.
This is a reprint that inherits the traditions and techniques of Arita ware, and we are confident that you can use it in a variety of ways to match your current lifestyle.

Arita ware with 400 years history as a pottery production center.
Arita is located in the western part of Saga Prefecture, it is famous for the first porcelain production in Japan.
Arita ware is a traditional craft that representing Japan.

500.00 Grams

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