2pcs Arita yaki porcelain Japanese Sake Shochu cup SUPREMACY Blue Red Mt.Fuji

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(Size)   : Diameter 9.7 x Height 9.5 cm / 3.81 x 3.74 inch 

(Capacity) : 240ml (Standard),  300ml (Max)

(Material) : Porcelain

(Origin) : Made in Japan / Arita yaki 

(Condition) : Brand new

(Note) : 

Drew a beautiful Mt. Fuji that can be proud of in the world on the supreme shochu glass.
It is auspicious Fuji that drewn blue Fuji, red Fuji and clouds with a bold touch.

Can be feel "Shochu is delicious!" Features of [Supreme Shochu Glass]
The decisive factor is the mouthfeel and mellowness.
In order to accelerate the vaporization and bring out the original taste of shochu, the rim was widened, and the angle of 75 degrees was carefully particular about consideration of the smooth touch to mouth and non drip.
In addition, by cutting the bottom and forming a ring that resembles bamboo, it is easy to hold with your fingers and is devised so that condensation does not drip down.
Furthermore, by raising the bottom, the heat and cold insulation effect is enhanced.

Arita ware with 400 years history as a pottery production center.
Arita is located in the western part of Saga Prefecture, it is famous for the first porcelain production in Japan.
Arita ware is a traditional craft that representing Japan.

500.00 Grams

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