from Manekineko Ai  Aug 19th, 2022

from Manekineko Ai Aug 19th, 2022

Published by Hi, In Japan observing the Obon holidays now. We are planning to visit the grave of our family members. on 18th Aug 2022




In Japan observing the Obon holidays now.
We are planning to visit the grave of our family members.
It was so hot this summer that we decided not to go on the trip but we are planning to go to an onsen (hot spring) on the way back from visiting the grave.
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Summer Style Special
Popular this time of year




The wind chime of Takaoka Ironcraft has an iron made rustic, but firm presence and a beautiful and deep taste of bronze.
It delivers a cool Japanese atmosphere, not only from the ears, but also from the sight too.





A modern and chic ceramic standing wind chime "Suzu-no-ne(The sound of cool)" that can be used indoors has been realized.

Kyoto ware-Kiyomizu ware is a pottery with a history of more than 400 years, and is carefully made one by one by skilled craftsmen.







Arita-yaki (Arita ware) is a general term for the ceramics goods which are made in and around the town of Arita, in Saga prefecture,
Japan. Arita ware is known for its exquisite white porcelain and elegantly painted designs, which are over glazed with vivid colors such as indigo, red, yellow and gold.






Summer Homeware

It is Noren curtain crafted with craftsmen's  special technique. 
A dyeing technique inherited by traditional craftworkers in Kyoto.
Hand draw, blurred dyeing, squeezing dyeing, using a unique indigo dye, persimmon juice dye.

There are various Techniques for Dyeing Cloth.In this Traditional process that is also very few in Kyoto, 
we will focused on how to Dyed Cloth(Rouketsu Batik).

The gradation and overlapping colors are beautiful. 
Also, the color you actually see and the color you can see when you hold it against the light are beautiful as well.
And it’s easy to maintain.

This Japanese Noren Curtain is carefully made by art craftsmen and not mass-produced goods in factories.Artistic Noren Curtain have great presence and can be fashionable as tapestries on the wall.

"Wind Suikin" It is a rare handmade gem that reproduces the sound of Suikinkutsu, which is said to be a phantom sound, with the wind so that you can enjoy the sound of Suikinkutsu indoors at any time. It is a product created with "soil", "sound", and "silhouette of light". Shigaraki pottery resonates with the sound produced by the wind (an electric motor rotates parts to make a sound). The silhouette illuminated by the light shimmers and emerges like a heat haze.

A suikinkutsu is a type of Japanese garden ornament and music device. Water drips at the top onto a small pool, creating a pleasant splashing sound that rings inside of the pool similar to a bell or Japanese zither(琴koto).

Hokuyo Glass, which produces "Tsugaru Vidro," began in 1949 with the production of glass floats for the fishing. After that, in 1977, "Tsugaru Vidro" was born by applying the "air blowing" technique cultivated in the manufacture of glass floats. Please take a look at the colorful charms made by craftsmens hands with skillful techniques, particular about the colors of the four seasons of Japan.

Traditional glass crafts produced by skilled artisans.
"Tsugaru Vidro" which represents the color of Tsugaru's strictly beautiful nature to glassware.