Japanese curtain NOREN "Crane" lacquer dyed vermilion red Kyoto Manyosha

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Lacquer dyed (Urushi zome) NOREN

Size : about 88 x 150 cm

Material :linen100 %

Craft: Kyoto Manyosya 

Origin : made in Japan 

A brand new

(Kyoto Noren): A dyeing technique inherited by traditional craftworkers in Kyoto. Hand draw , blurred dyeing, squeezing dyeing, using a unique indigo dye, persimmon juice dye. Using a variety of techniques to match the modern interior Noren curtain.

lacquer has a long history, it has been used from the Jomon period to craft in Japan. Painted lacquer which was processed into a fabric of plain dyed, it becomes to finish shiny lacquer unique. Is the lacquer of typical color, we have representation by using the black-gold. Such as reminiscent of lacquerware, glittering and calm atmosphere has become an attractive.


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