Kyo Kiyomizu yaki

 Art & Craft Ceramic Kyo Kiyomizu yaki  
 Cup & Mug  
 Tea bowl  
 Tea pot  
 Sake cup & bottle 
 Chopstick rest 
 Plate & Bowl 
 Doll & Ornaments


Kiyomizu is one of the traditional crafts that represent Kyoto,originally started in the pottery of Kiyomizu Slope neighborhood toward theKiyomizu-dera.

 Pottery and porcelain made in Kyoto is generally known as Kyo-style ceramics,Kiyomizu ware. 

The splendor and refined elegance of Kyo-style-ceramics,Kiyomizu ware is created based on sophisticated design and various proficient skills.

 History of pottery and porcelain in Kyoto started more than 1,200 years ago,in Nara period.

 A Buddhist preist, Gyoki built a kiln and made earthenware in Seikanji.
 Now the ruins of the temple is called "Chawan-zaka". 
 Kyo-style ceramics, Kiyomizu ware products are mostly handmade and the feature of that is in wide variety in small quantity.




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